About the event

JSDay Canarias is a tech event focused on Javascript and its ecosystem.

This is our V Edition and we want to enjoy the best event possible with awesome speakers and a lot of fun.

This event is 100% face-to-face, however after the event we will publish the talks on our YouTube channel.

What do we want to reach?

At this edition of the event, we want to take back the route we started before COVID appears in our lives and continue favoring and empowering companies visibility, while at the same time we dynamize the participation of professionals by enabling both of them to create new contacts and synergies which help them to create high qualified teams.

How do we do it?

During the four event days, we will handle 4 workshops and 48 talks in english and spanish all of them steered by professionals where the newest tools will be explained as well as the current status of the JavaScript language and all its whole ecosystem.

Our target

The event is made for professionals for professionals so the generice attendee is a person bound with Computer Science, specifically focused on software development through web technologies.

However, nowadays young people will be the professionals of tomorrow, so by this reason we want students attend the event in order to learn and create relationships with real developers.

Where the event will be held?

At the facilities that the University of La Laguna has borrowed to us in the Campus of Guajara, in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerife.

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