Terms and conditions


  • Ticket owner: Person which identification data are defined as ticket owner.

  • Event: The IT event named JSDay Canarias.

  • Credential: ID element provided only by the event Organization which is required in order to participate and access to the venue where the event is held, along the whole event days.

  • Code of conduct: Any person who participates in the event must assume and respect the Code of Conduct defined for the event and available at code of conduct section.

Any infraction of the event’s Code of Conduct or this set of terms and conditions, will imply the application of correcting measures that the event’s Organization considers for its correct development.

Buying tickets process

  • The event’s tickets will be only accessible through the official event's website https://jsdaycanarias.com.

  • In order to buy a ticket, the user must do login in the official event's website an for that, this person will need a Google email account.

  • The user will be the only responsible of typing the ticket owner data and that information must match exactly as the owner’s ID Card or Passport, because these data will be used in order to provide the event’s credential.

  • If any data mismatch is detected, the ticket will be cancelled and the user won’t be able to access the event, without any right to refund nor other kind of compensation or claim.

  • A ticket only can belongs to a human person.

Considerations related to the event’s ticket

  • The ticket is personal and non-transferable, not allowing ownership changes once the ticket is acquired, under any circumstances.

  • The resale of an ticket or the attempt of resale constitutes sufficient cause for the seizure or cancellation of the ticket without any right to refund or any other kind of compensation or claim.

  • Any entry wrinkled, broken or presenting signs of falsification will authorize the Organization of the event to deny its bearer of access to it.

  • The Organization of the event is not responsible for the loss or theft of the entrance.

  • The ticket owner assumes all responsibility in case that the ticket is presented in duplicate, photocopied or forged, losing all rights it grants to participate in the event.

  • In order to get the credential that will allow the person holding the ticket to participate in the event, he/she must present his/her ticket, in digital PDF format or in printed one, along with his/her ID Card or Passport.

  • Only the first ticket submitted where its code and the owner data match with the event's records and with the provided CardID or Passport will be considered valid, so the access to the event won’t be allowed to any other person who try to use a ticket which contains the same data.

  • The Organization of the event is not responsible for the discrepancies between the person data printed in the ticket and the ID Card or Passport presented to confirm their identity, preventing their participation in the event.

  • The credential will be personal and non-transferable and will be visible throughout the event.

Event development

  • The Organization reserves the right of admission to the event.

  • The event will be held based on the calendar published by the Organization.

  • The event may be recorded for commercial and/or promotional purposes, so attendees grant their consent by accessing the event, so that their image can be recorded and subsequently reproduced with the indicated purposes as part of the public.

Workshops and talks attendance

  • The attendance to the workshops and talks is totally free, being only limited by the rooms capacity available. Once any room's capacity is completed, no more attendees will be admited.

  • In order to attend the workshops, interested people whom are owner of a valid ticket for the event, must enroll themself in a form that the event's Organization will publish well in advance before the event. The attendance to workshops will follow a strict inscription order, until the room's capacity is complete. Once the workshop capacity is reached, it will be created a waiting list.

  • If a person, once enrolled into a workshop, wants to move to another one, this person will be moved to the end of the destination workshop list.

  • If a person unsubscribes from a workshop, their position will be occupied by the next person in the workshop's list.

  • If a person has registered for a workshop and does not appear five (5) minutes after the activity has started, that person will leave the workshop.

  • It won't be allowed that an enrolled person gives their position to another one.


  • Tickets won’t be refundable under any circumstances, except for event cancellation.

  • The impossibility of attending the event or the commission of an error when making the purchase of the ticket/s (for having incorrectly typed the email in the purchase process, for example), are not reasons for its refund.

  • In case of cancellation, the amount to be refunded will be the ticket cost minus management fees.

Update / cancellation of the event

  • The Organization of the event reserves the right to modify the schedule of talks and workshops, without prior notice.

  • The Organization of the event reserves the right to cancel the event in adverse weather conditions, natural disasters and/or any other circumstance outside the Organization control and that prevents the proper development of the event and/or can be a risk for the safety of the attendees.

  • It is the responsibility of attendees to be informed of any changes in the event.

Complaints and claims

Any complaint, claim or question will be attended only by email so they must be sent to info@canariasjs.com. Any other communication way won't be attended.